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Enchanted Forests

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Enchanted Forest 21 x 29

Tree's Place 15 x 18

The Dance 21 x 26

Old Elm Speaks 21 x 28

Blue Dancers 21 x 24

Trees as Graphic 12 x 16

Trees with Eyes 12 x 16

Trees with Found Objects 11x15

Dancing Trees 12 x 18

Forests are filled with magic, mystery and a sense of intrigue. Like humans, every tree in the forest has its own unique attributes and personality. In these works, I initially used trees as a way to add vertical dimension or quite literally chop up the landscape. Creating patchwork like compositions, I further increased the sense of mystery by adding human faces, feet and hands with paint or a heat transfer technique. In more recent works, these trees have become more three dimensional and have taken on more human like forms. In Old Elm Speaks, based on a poem by Kristine O'Connell George, the tree forms a facial expression as it imparts knowledge to its young sapling. The work presented in this series is vibrant and bold at a glance, but on closer inspection, mysterious and fantastical, a bit like a fairy tale run amok.


Primary Trees 11 x15


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