Jane B Graham

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In the summer of 2007, I received a humanitarian grant from the Stanwich School to teach in Ghana, West Africa. I have since made five additional trips to Ghana to design batik fabric for the fair trade organization Global Mamas. While designing, teaching and traveling in Ghana, I am always struck by both the kindness and generosity of the people as well as their strength and grace. Loosely based on photographs and memories of Ghana, these mixed media pieces depict colorfully dressed Ghanaians going about their daily lives collecting water and driftwood, fishing, or shopping at the local provision store. To give the works the aura of a fairy tale, various creatures including fish, goats, monkeys, snakes, and birds are included in the compositions. The castles, that also dot Ghana's coastline, are integrated in various ways in many of the compositions. With little attention paid to perspective and sea creatures clearly visible in the distant ocean, there is a hint that all is not as it appears.

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Photographs of Ghana

Setting Nets, Cape Coast 17 x 28



Women's Work 28 x 48

Two Girls 18x24

Sea Never Dry 20 x 24

Walking 20 x 24

Sand Castles 20 x 24

The Lord Is My Shepherd Spot 20 x 30

Bless Them All 17 x 20

Setting Nets, Butre Beach 20 x 24


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